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SSD Associates is a boutique firm engaged in the practice of expanding the boundaries of design and building in terms of architecture planning, interior design, furniture, lighting, product design and landscaping. Ar. Swati Singh is founding principal and design director of a multi-disciplinary firm i.e. SSD Associates , she did her Bachelor Degree in Architecture from Dr. D.Y Patil College of Architecture, Pune in year 2013. she has over 8 years of experience as an Architect. She has worked with prestigious firm like Fiona Environs, Arcop Assocites Pvt Ltd and Maas Architects, She also hold an experience in Building construction with Uppal’s Housing Pvt Ltd.
We have ability to both design and build with precision the ultimate luxury providing for a true 360° Turn Key service that has no risk of disconnect between the design and the construction. From studying the lands you are considering purchasing to designing your desired plans. We adore the details. We respect the budget. We design to suit your tastes, requirement and lifestyle and create living spaces that are both pragmatic and sumptuous.


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Ar. Swati's Design Ideology

“For me, design is everything. Clarity of purpose and simplicity of line; purity of forms and obsessive attention to detail. I strive for perfection.”


How We Work

Understanding how to execute the build of a design at the designing stage is critical as it ensures the integrity of the design is fulfilled from conception through to construction. The soul of the design is never compromised. From the waterproofing of the foundation, to the framing of the structure, to the installation of the furniture and the lighting, final finishes to the landscape, each stage of construction is executed with perfection.

Our Philosophy


Land Surveying

Why are land surveys important? Because you can’t buy or develop land properly without one. Going in without a land survey is flying blind. You have no way of knowing what obstacles you may face or even the exact perimeter of your property. If you want to know where you’re going, get yourself a map.

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Concept Design

We offer our clients the highest quality services from concept design & concept design right through to final construction / contract administration & beyond, into an on-going client focused project strategy. Our focus is to deliver you the drawing in terms of Architecture, MEP & Structural Design, Interior Design, Project Management and Cost efficiency.

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Construction and Cost Analysis

The benefits of being able to respond to cost related questions creates greater confidence and instills a sense of trust into the relationship as well as ensuring that a financially more successful result is achieved. It also means that protracted redesigns, or later stage value engineering exercises, can be avoided and design team and client aspirations and outcomes remain aligned

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